Client Testimonials

The core of Elizabeth's effectiveness is her intellectual curiosity and concern for people. These attributes make it easy for her to build strong relationships with executives. Using the business strategy and goals as a foundation, she quickly builds rapport and becomes totally committed to her clients' success. Her direct and compassionate approach supports people in becoming more than they thought they could, the true mark of an outstanding coach. She is courageous in taking a stand for people and delivering the messages that most people shy away from.

Bob Browning
Director, Global People Development
The Colgate Palmolive Company

Elizabeth was responsible for my success as a manager at Chase. She was the first Human Resources executive who provided me with valuable guidance in the development of my team. She learned the business of the team, understood our mandate and got to know the team members. As a result of Elizabeth's support, my team was able to take on added responsibilities and was recognized as a highly effective team within Chase's Risk Management division.

Carol Simon
Currently; Executive Vice President-Risk Management
CLS Bank International
Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase; BNP Paribas; Deutsche Bank

Elizabeth not only advised me, but gave me tools and a framework, which I have successfully utilized in confronting leadership challenges throughout my career at JPMorgan, in an industry that continues to become ever more challenging and volatile. Her genuine caring for an individual's success AND personal well-being, combined with her understanding of business, make her uniquely qualified as a leadership coach.

Renee Vasey
Global COO, JP Morgan Prime Brokerage

Elizabeth understands what is required to create an environment where individuals can develop their full potential. She's mastered the art of coaching after having worked at the senior most levels of the organizations she's supported, either as an employee or a coach. Elizabeth knows her stuff from first-hand experience leading teams, selling progressive concepts and living with the results she's created. When she worked for me at the Chase Manhattan Bank, she transformed the approach to leadership development for the company.

Janet Banks
Managing Director
FleetBoston Financial

As a member of a team she led on a long range social justice project, I marveled at her capacity to simultaneously organize, strategize and empathize. Elizabeth excels at grouping particular people to get the job done. Bottom line, no stone was left unturned, every detail was attended to. Elizabeth managed to give each person involved in the project the sense that their presence and input made a valued difference.

Liz White
Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist

Elizabeth has demonstrated the capacity to transform a parent organization into a high performing group of adults who have become our strongest partner in advocating for young people. Elizabeth's greatest asset is her ability to manage people. She has the skill to inspire people and she has created a strong team feeling where people have a sense of community.

Jack Lorenz
Principal, Ridgewood High School
Ridgewood, New Jersey