Consulting Services

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Career Coaching - Corporate and Individual

  • Emphasis is placed on getting to the heart of what makes you most effective in the workplace
  • We identify and capitalize on your true gifts and ideal goals
  • You will learn action-oriented strategies to overcome obstacles and navigate organizational politics
  • Follow-up support is paramount and provided for as long as you need it

Executive Coaching

We care about the long-term success and satisfaction of our clients. Target goals are typically achieved within 6-9 months, but our commitment to the client lasts indefinitely.

Our 100% client satisfaction is based on:

  • Discrete information-gathering
  • Sensitivity to workplace dynamics
  • Ability to implement effective strategies even in the most difficult situations
  • Customized coaching sessions to reinforce success
  • Ongoing supportive follow-up

Team Alignment

We know what makes an effective team:
Mutual respect, the ability to capitalize on each person's unique strengths, and a commitment to shared goals.

We enhance team effectiveness through:

  • Creative, high-energy sessions, customized to address specific workplace issues and goals
  • Emphasis on positive, fun, group learning experiences

Talent Management

We help you attract, retain and develop the best people by addressing the following issues:

HR Consulting

We help organizations and leaders achieve a performance-rich culture in which individuals do their best work.

What we will do for you:

  • Design a professional, user-friendly performance management process that meets your needs and objectives
  • Facilitate key meetings
  • Provide ongoing leader feedback and support to ensure that the performance management process is implemented effectively